Bedroom Storage Ideas: How to Keep your Childs Space Neat and Tidy

Posted on 19/11/2021 by Room to Grow
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Bedroom Storage Ideas
Child Cleaning Room

A lot of planning goes into designing a practical yet stylish and fun children’s room. There are many aspects to a child’s room including storage, sleep, play and study. Incorporating a number of things into the room is what makes it a special place for a child, especially if it expresses their personality and interests. Trying to include all these aspects, however, can sometimes lead to clutter or concerns about space therefore it is important to be storage savvy and make the most of the space you have available.

Storage is so important in a child’s room as they have such an abundance of toys and accessories which need somewhere to live. Storage helps to keep the room neat and tidy by providing a home for everything; being able to keep their room neat and tidy will help children develop skills they can use throughout their life.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is your best friend for children’s storage, particularly if you’re short on space. With so many toys, clothes and accessories it is essential to have storage wherever possible, therefore it is ideal if it is included in an essential piece of furniture such as a bed. Beds such as cabin beds and trundle beds are two great ways of using integrated storage which doesn’t take up any extra floor space.

Wall Storage

Another way to utilise the space you have available whilst still keeping style in mind is to adopt wall storage. This is a great solution for if you’re short on floor space again. There are various fun ways to add wall storage such as cupboards and shelving. Attaching shelves to the walls can be done in a range of different and new ways; it can even double as a wall feature. By using one long shelf across a single wall, or even every wall, you can create a fun border which doubles as a shelf.

Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is great for hiding away those things which you may not want to display. There are various methods to hanging storage and a range of things which can be stored this way, some which you may not have thought of. Multifunctional hangers can be used to store all sorts from clothes to toys whereas hooks can be added for other items such as coats, scarves and bags.

Boxes and Baskets

Boxes and baskets are a super cute and stylish way of adding storage to a child’s room. They can be moved and stored and necessary and as they are decorative as well as practical, they can be placed on shelves and even on the floor. Boxes and baskets are great for keeping things organised and in their own place. There are numerous options for stylish boxes and baskets which can complement the décor even and the great thing about storage boxes is they can be moved as necessary.

Under Bed Storage

An alternative to a multifunctional bed, such as a cabin bed, is to make use of underbed storage. Some beds may come with drawers installed, but others may not. If not, look to choose a bed which is raised off the ground to allow for underbed storage. There are plenty of boxes which fit nicely under the bed which are great for storing clothes, bedding, toys and books. Look for boxes on wheels for ease of access.

Storage doesn’t need to be boring, with so many options for fun and stylish storage solutions, your child’s room can be neat and tidy as well as a fun space for them to enjoy.

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