What is a Day Bed?

Posted on 13/02/2022 by Room to Grow
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What is a Day Bed?

Day Bed

A day bed is somewhere you can relax and unwind whatever time of day it may be. They are useful for creating a multi-functional sleeping space in the home without taking up too much room in the process. A day bed combines the best qualities of both a traditional bed and a sofa bed. The design resembles a sofa with one open side then a back frame for leaning against the two sides that look like arm rests.


Day beds are very versatile and can easily be adapted to suit your own individual requirements. They can be positioned in a spare room or study to fill space or even in the corner of a spacious dining room or conservatory, the possibilities are endless. There are various different options available when it comes to day beds, wood designs tend to be best suited if you plan to use it more like a sofa as they have a contemporary feel. While metal designs are more desirable for sleeping and considered more traditional.


During the day the bed can be arranged into a convenient lounging area like a sofa. Simply arrange with throws, blankets and cushions in accordance with the rest of the décor in your dining room for instance. Then in the evening, it can be transformed into an additional comfy sleeping space for when guests come around to stay. A bonus if you don’t have the luxury of a spare room and figuring out extra sleeping arrangements can often cause difficulties. All you’ll need is a few additional pillows and a duvet, so you’ll be prepared even at a moments notice!  If you intend on using your day bed for this purpose, choose a simple design which complements the rest of your room well.


As well as lounging and sleeping, day beds also resolve storage issues within your room. Many designs come with substantial drawers or cupboards underneath, giving the bed a multi-use and great to save space within the home. In a kids bedroom, this extra storage could be used for bed linen, clothes or even to organise all those toys!


Many day beds come with an additional bed cleverly tucked away underneath named a trundle, which can be pulled out on castors when needed and then stored back away. Genius for a child who has a smaller bedroom as you have two beds but are only using the space of one most of the time. This makes it a wonderfully practical investment for children big or small, whether you use the additional bed for when their friends come to stay. Double and single day bed options are available with trundles to suit grown-ups too as well as the little ones.

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