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Posted on 08/11/2021 by Olivia Lowry
Children's Beds

Do you remember your childhood bedroom? From posters of our favourite bands and pop stars, to our favourite toy collections, kid’s bedrooms have changed a lot! Even with all these changes, our little ones still use their bedrooms to explore, play and discover themselves in the same ways we did. Creating a happy space for your children ensures they grow up in a bedroom that’s not only functional for their hobbies and interests, but inspiring too.

Why a child’s bedroom environment is so important for discovery of themselves and their personalities

The best type of bedroom is a happy space, where your child’s personality can really shine. Whether it’s a shared space, or they have their own room, their bed is theirs. It’s their own personal world where they can freely discover who they are, what they like, and grow up in (sometimes they seem to grow up too fast!).

The space you create for your child will evolve over time, but it’ll always remain a foundation for discovery, from their first nursery space, right up to their teenage bedroom.

What we can do as parents to nurture their talents and interests

Your child’s bedroom can be imagined into whatever they want it to be. Many of us have fond memories of story time, sleepovers with friends, bedroom makeovers and play dates in our bedrooms.

As your child’s interests change, the best thing we can do for them is to make sure their space still works for their needs, hobbies and interests. Perhaps you’ve got a budding writer who would love nothing more than their own bookcase to display their collection? Or maybe you’ve got an always-on-the-PC gamer who’s after an ultimate pod gaming bed upgrade?

Your children’s space is just one piece of the puzzle that helps them explore new paths that lead to who they are when they grow up. As parents, there’s nothing better than seeing your little ones happy and enjoying themselves in their bedroom.

Pictured: Soho Bed, Soho Bedside Table, Delta Desk With Shelving, Desk Chair

Should you get your child involved in choosing what’s in their bedroom?

We’ve talked about how bedrooms can play a part in nurturing talents and interests, but when it comes to actually choosing what goes into it, how does that work?

It’s probably pretty obvious to say that measurements, age restrictions and little details to do with overall suitability of furniture are best left to parents. But for everything else, it’s great to get the children involved- it is their room after all!

Toddlers and littler ones might want to be given things like toy choices, whereas primary age children might want to have a say in bigger things like what bedding they have or whether they want a higher up bed, or a single bed. When the kids are off to secondary school, most teens and tweens will want a choice when it comes to styles and functionality, so it’s good to give them the options your budget covers, and let them choose for themselves for that extra bit of independence.

In short, it’s a great idea to be able to give the right level of autonomy and choice relative to the age and development of your baby, child or teen. You might not always agree with their wild ideas, but as a parent, it’s good to know their visions so you can meet in the middle and create a space that works for everyone.

At Room To Grow, we’re passionate about helping kids discover themselves through creating amazing bedrooms. For advice and support, our customer service team and product experts are available on 08081963344, or on live chat at, or alternatively, send us a message on Facebook.

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