How to Create the Perfect Children’s Sleep Environment

Posted on 07/03/2022 by Room to Grow

How to Make a Bedroom Cosy

There are a number of different things which all contribute to getting a good night’s sleep, especially for children. Creating the perfect children’s sleep environment is one of the things which can improve the quality of sleep for a child. Alongside a peaceful night-time routine and a good diet and exercise routine, this can help ensure your child is getting enough quality sleeping time. Sleep is essential for children; it is when they do the majority of growth and development and a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on their mood, concentration and health.

Choosing the Perfect Bed

First things first, a dreamy sleep really should start with the bed. Get your child involved in the picking process. There are lots of different styles they can choose from, from toddler beds to theme beds, so there will definitely be a design that will suit both you and them. Also, make sure you buy a good quality mattress, that not only supports their growing bones, but is comfortable.

Tidy Bedroom

Bedding Choice

Whilst the bed is the foundation for a good night’s sleep, the bedding is pretty important too. The right bedding creates a comfortable and inviting environment for your youngster to lay their sleepy head. Again, allow them to have some involvement in their bedding choice, including any cushions and throws they may also want to add. The aim is to make their bed so good, that they are desperate to climb into it every day!

De-Clutter the Room

The classic idiom ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ applies to everyone, even small children. How can you expect your little one to have a restful night’s sleep if the room they are going to bed in is full of mess. Spend some time clearing through all their toys, clothes and books, and finding places for everything to live. You may want to invest in some extra storage to help with their masses of stuff.

Keep clutter clear

Colour Palette

Whilst it may be tempting to go along with your child’s idea of a luminous pink bedroom, opting for more tranquil colours on the walls will help create a more peaceful and relaxing room. Blue is very calming, or you could try other relaxing shades such as greys, pastels and neutrals. Warm colours, such as pale yellows, also create a cosy environment. You can still let your child’s more adventurous choices loose within the accessories. These will add a splash of vibrant colour in the room, without turning it into a headache waiting to happen.

Ambient Lighting

Getting the lighting right in your kids bedroom will help create a relaxing environment. Blackout blinds will keep the light out, even during the dreaded summer months when convincing your child that it is bedtime despite the glaring sun outside is a lesson in patience. For children that find the dark a bit too scary, the soft glow of a night light can help to ease their worry and send them into a deep, dreamy sleep.

By creating an environment that is both inviting, comforting and relaxing for your child you will be encouraging their sleeping habits. Not only will it mean they are more willing to go to bed, which is usually a task in itself, but it will mean they feel happy and comforted when they are going to sleep; something which you shouldn’t underestimate when it comes to sleep.

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