How To Create The Ultimate Football Themed Bedroom

Posted on 17/03/2021 by Room to Grow

How To Create The Ultimate Football Themed Bedroom

Have you got a child that just goes crazy for all things footie related? Why not treat them to a huge surprise, and turn their room into their very own football themed haven. There are tonnes of ideas out there to give you some inspiration, so here are a few to get you started!


The base for any room is the colour choice. Whether it’s the walls, floor or accessories, choosing the right colour is key. Any football fanatic has a beloved team colour, so why not incorporate that into the decoration. Paint the walls in the chosen colour, however be wary, bold colours covering every wall can create a claustrophobic feel, especially in small rooms. Try to be sparing, and perhaps just pick a feature wall for the team colour. Or, use the accessories in the room to add accents of colour; rugs, cushions and lampshades.



As we all know, storage is the Holy Grail of children’s rooms, so finding a clever way to store all your child’s toys, books and clothes, whilst still keeping it within the footie theme, may seem quite tricky. However, our Legend collection perfectly combines the two. The wide range of storage furniture, including wardrobes, toy boxes and bookshelves (and our Legend bed, see below), are beautifully designed and durable with gorgeous football designs etched into the wood.

To create some extra hanging space for your child’s sport kit, football boots (and other footie-related accoutrements) you can create your very own football clothes peg using an old table football set (easily acquired from Ebay), some wood and a bit of DIY-ing. Take a look here.

Wall Decor

Football posters need not be the only thing to adorn the walls, you can create your very own feature clock. You’ll need to get your hands on 12 football boots (again, eBay is your go-to place) as well as large electronic clock hands, like this one. Place the clock hands in the centre of the wall, then at each ‘hour’ location, screw a boot securely into place. You should end up with a very large, very impressive, football clock.

We all know that children grow at the rate of knots, so utilise this by turning their old football t-shirts into a picture by supergluing it inside a picture frame and hanging it on the wall.



And finally, the piece de resistance, you child’s bed. Our Legend Personalised Football Bed really does know the score. As well as it’s beautiful craftsmanship, a superb goal and football is etched on the headboard and a personalised shirt on the foot end is available. Just add a name, number and select from a choice of shirt colours to make this kid’s bed extra special.

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