Keeping Beds For Children Cool Throughout Summer

Posted on 30/07/2021 by Room to Grow
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With spells of warm weather continuing to brighten our weeks, you may be wondering how to keep bedrooms cool. However, finding beds for children that are comfortable with light bedding is not the only thing to consider. Here are our top tips for keeping rooms cool and kids happy at bedtime.

Beds for children need light bedding

Just as we change our clothes depending on the weather, the same applies to bedding. Although an obvious one when dressing beds for children, it can be missed. Be sure to choose low tog sleeping bags or duvets and consider using a single cotton sheet for those particularly warm nights.

Leave the loft hatch open

This handy tip helps to keep hot air out of bedrooms! As heat rises, any warm air trapped in your house will be looking for somewhere to go. Consequently, if the loft hatch is open, there’s a space away from the bedrooms for heat to move into. As a result, this trick ensures beds for kids remain cool even in the most tropical of climates!

Freeze a pillowcase and comforter

Yes, you heard right, putting a pillowcase in the freezer can really help! Although this may seem like a strange technique, wrapping your child’s pillowcase or favourite teddy in a plastic bag and leaving it in the freezer helps to cool the fabric. Subsequently, the result is a freshly chilled pillow to keep beds for children cool throughout the night.

Frozen water and a fan

This is the perfect combo for bringing down temperatures on a hot summers evening. Firstly, place a fan (a tower fan that osculates is always a good choice) in your child’s room, close enough for them to feel a breeze but far enough away so the fan is not directly on them. Secondly, place bottles of frozen water in front of the fan, and let the air blow through the bottles. This will help to circulate cold air around the room. You may need to place a towel under the bottles to catch any drips, but this technique is great for cooling down beds for children.

Chill the room before bedtime

Finally, preparation is key, so it’s important to think about cooling your child’s bedroom throughout the day. Keep blinds or curtains closed while the sun is shining and windows and doors open to allow air to circulate. Use the fan and ice trick to cool down your kid’s beds an hour or so before lights out, and keep your fingers crossed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

We hope you find these tips useful! And don’t forget, we love to see our Room to Grow pieces in their new homes, so tag us in your room pics on Facebook or Instagram @roomtogrowbeds.

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