Mothers’ Day Craft Ideas

Posted on 07/03/2022 by Room to Grow

mothers day craft ideas

Add a personal touch this Mother’s day and replace a shop bought gift with something thoughtful and handmade that can be treasured forever. Looking for some inspiration? Room to Grow have put together a selection of our favourite ideas to get the children crafty, but most importantly there’s sure to be a gift to make every single Mum smile.

Treat her to a Tulip

Show appreciation with not just your ordinary card this 31st March; the below 3D tulip creation will definitely be a winner. It looks like a regular card from the outside but then the super cute tulip is revealed once opened! Although a little help from a grown-up may be needed, this card is far easier than it looks to make.

Begin by folding an A4 piece of coloured card in half and cutting out a heart shape. Draw half the heart shape next to the fold and cut it out, so you get the symmetric heart shape once unfolded. It is a good idea to draw the template first before beginning to cut out. Then, cut out a smaller version of the heart in white paper and stick down in the middle of the coloured heart. Now you need to cut out a simple stem shape and two leaves (green paper works the best) then glue these at the bottom of the white heart. Finally, for the best section, cut out four tulip shapes in a variety of different coloured paper. To make sure they are all the same in size use a stencil. Fold all tulip shapes in half and glue together down the fold. You then need to glue one side of the full tulip to the white heart on top of the stem. Once dry, glue the other side of the full tulip to the card, and your masterpiece will be complete! There’s just enough room at the side to write a special message to your Mum, too.

tulip in heart card valentines day

Fabulously Floral

This gift is a great simple idea for younger children to get involved in and something which is useful too. After all, you can never have too many fridge magnets! All you’ll need is a pack of various sizes of artificial flowers and some small magnets. Then simply secure a magnet to the back of each flower with some PVA glue.

There you have it a beautiful floral magnet to brighten up your fridge ready for Spring. What better way to hold up those special photos and all-important notices for the whole family to see. Mum is sure to be impressed.

mother's day craft magnets

Show Love with Lavender

Give your Mum an excuse to relax after a busy day and have the peace and quiet she deserves with this homemade Lavender milk bath. The recipe only requires a few natural ingredients and will be complete and ready to gift in less than 10 minutes! Great if you have left Mother’s Day until last minute this year.

What you’ll need:

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and simply mix with a spoon or whisk until smooth. This mixture can then be added straight into a running bath. Put into a glass jar or bottle with an airtight lid to create a more appealing gift. You could even attach ribbon and a gift tag to add a personal touch.

Happy Mother’s Day!   

Milk Bath

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