You Know You’re an Eighties Child When… The Toys Every Eighties Bedroom Had

Posted on 15/11/2021 by Room to Grow

You Know You’re an Eighties Child When… The Toys Every Eighties Bedroom Had

Ah, the Eighties. The time of big hair, The Brat Pack, Live Aid, and MTV. But while computers were being built, Madonna was donning her fishnets, and Doc was helping Marty get Back to the Future, we were hidden away in our bedrooms playing with these unforgettable toys. Prepare for a blast from the past…

Rubik’s Cube


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A veritable symbol of the 1980s, the humble Rubik’s Cube was the bane of our childhood existence; if you ever managed to solve one you felt like royalty. There was always one annoying kid who knew how to do it in under 30 seconds though (if you were that kid, we hope the job at Google is working out for you.)



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No Eighties boy’s bedroom was complete without at least one track of Scalextric snaking around the floor. The scourge of bare-footed and accident-prone parents, Scalextric cars could and would be left everywhere.

Sylvanian Families


If no boy’s bedroom was complete without Scalextrics, no girl’s bedroom was complete without at least one Sylvanian Family. True fans would have whole streets of neighbouring hedgehogs, bunnies, mice, squirrels, bears, and foxes living alongside each other in woodland harmony.



If you haven’t spent a panicked half hour frantically trying to scrape Play-Doh out of the carpet before your mum got home, you haven’t lived. Or at least you didn’t live through the Eighties. Endless hours of fun, Play-Doh could be shaped into absolutely anything you wanted yet all you ever really wanted to do was eat it.

Pin Art

pin art

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One for those who grew up in the late eighties, Pin Art was always really fun until you tried to make an imprint of our face and got loads of pins in your eye. Bonus points if you had an older sibling who delighted in tipping up and erasing your carefully-created works of art.

Fisher Price ANYTHING

toy cameratoy phone

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If your bedroom didn’t contain anything by Fisher Price then we’re sorry but you did not grow up in the Eighties. From the Picture Story Camera and the Chatter Phone to the beloved Fisher Price Tape Recorder, these toys pretty much taught us how to be an adult.

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