Decluttering Kids Rooms And Children’s Beds With Storage

Posted on 27/01/2022 by Room to Grow
Children's Beds, Space Saving Tips

Kids Room Storage

Tired of tripping over your children’s toys and clothes? We know the feeling. If you’re in the routine of making your kids beds and tidying their rooms, you may need to look for another solution. Here we have compiled our top storage tips along with Room to Grow pieces to keep bedrooms neat and tidy.

Spaces for creativity

Creating a dedicated space for creativity encourages kids to explore, as well as keeping rooms spick and span. For this reason, our desks are perfect, as they come with handy drawers and spacious table tops for arts and crafts. Therefore, homework, artwork and little treasures can be kept neatly tucked away.

Children’s beds with storage

Next on the list, storage beds. Children’s underbed storage is a key feature parents look for when choosing a suitable bed. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of choice on the market, but the trick is to weigh up design with practicality. We have a range of storage beds including high sleepers with chests and bookcases, mid sleepers with desks and chests and single storage beds. Without a doubt, extra storage is useful for spare bedding, toys and clothes. And it keeps you from constantly picking up after the kids! Not only that, but storage beds help you get the most out of your space, by incorporating furniture underneath the bed  to maximise floor space.

Portable baskets for storing toys

Children’s storage baskets offer a simple solution to keep toys and books off the bedroom floor. Our collection of felt and natural children’s storage baskets are stylish and practical, therefore making it easier to keep bedrooms tidy. Furthermore, storage baskets can help encourage younger children to tidy toys away, as books and games can be placed into them easily. Not only are they great for storing toys, but can be useful for throws and cushions. Also using baskets for additional throws and cushions when tucking your kids into their children’s beds at night keeps everything in one place.

Lead by example

Kids mirror what their parents are doing and often model our behaviour. Leading by example can really help to show your children how to take responsibility. As a result, this helps to build confidence. And making children’s beds for them isn’t always the best way to instil this. If your children are watching you put your belongings back in their place, they are more likely to do the same.

Storage solutions

Another top tip for keeping bedrooms neat are practical storage solutions. Our storage systems offer excellent space-saving benefits as well as bags of storage. Children’s hanging storage is also a popular choice for parents and our Rocco Storage Racks fit the bill. With spacious shelves, they are the perfect storage piece for a bedroom or playroom.

We would love to see the storage solutions you have in place for your children, so don’t forget to tag us in your Room to Grow pics on Facebook and Instagram @roomtogrowbeds.

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