Can You Predict Your Child’s Future Occupation?

Posted on 12/02/2022 by Room to Grow

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As you hold your infant, you may wonder, “What will my baby be when they grow up?”

So many things can influence the future career for your child that you may think it is impossible to know. However, some factors can help you predict your child’s future occupation.


Some physical, emotional, and psychological characteristics are hereditary and can affect career choice. Obvious examples are basketball players and supermodels, both of which require certain physical attributes. Additionally, research has shown that a person’s preferred career category, such as a preference for adventure, outside work, or an intellectual field is hereditary.

You can probably have a good idea about the genetic make-up of your child by observing yourselves as parents. If you are both friendly and outgoing, chances are your child will be as well.


Your child’s temperament is something they are born with and it remains consistent throughout their lives. Research has shown a fussy infant is more likely to have anxiety problems as teens. Although the environment also influences your baby’s temperament, whether they are easy-going or demanding often depends on how you react to their behavior. Try to remain positive and avoid negative labeling. Calling your child “cranky” or “difficult” could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Additionally, there is a positive side for every temperament. A demanding baby can grow up to be a successful, driven adult. A loving, clingy baby may choose a nurturing career such as teaching or nursing.


Researchers have developed a number of tests to determine the intelligence of babies. One has a baby look at a picture of a face for several seconds. Researchers then place the familiar picture next to an unfamiliar one. Babies who quickly turned their eyes to the familiar photo were considered more intelligent, results that coincided with standard IQ tests years later. Researches also analyzed how easily babies completed simple tasks, the rate at which they became bored with sounds, and their understanding of liquids and solids.

Your child’s intelligence will affect their career choice in a number of ways. If learning is easy and enjoyable, a career requiring a higher education may be in your child’s future. If their intelligence is primarily visual and spatial, they may be good artists, designers, or architects. Whatever their type of intelligence, there is a career to fit their unique way of learning about the world.

Birth Order

Research indicates that birth order influences intelligence and personality. Since the oldest child gets undivided attention from their parents, they generally have a higher IQ. They are likely to be high-achievers, choosing to be business owners, managers, or have another high-profile career. Middle children may become experts at negotiation, as they need to help the older and younger siblings get along. Since they work well with others, they may choose a service career, such as nurse or teacher. The youngest child may be more outgoing, as they need to compete for attention. Many actors and comedians are the youngest in the family.

An only child develops some unique personality traits as well. They have a tendency to spend more time in the company of adults, so they tend to be more reliable and mature. They are also independent and tend to be perfectionists. Many only children work in technical careers as adults.

Whether your baby is genetically more like mum or dad; mild mannered or energetic; loves to learn or would rather explore; is a first, middle, last, or only child, the traits they display as an infant can help you predict your child’s future occupation. Just do not be too surprised if the child you see as a budding surgeon becomes a famous dancer!

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