Redecorating your child’s room is always a bit of a challenge, and never more so then when they hit those teen years. Teenagers have very set ideas about who they are and what they like. Therefore, make sure you include your teenager as much as possible and reasonable as you revamp their bedroom.

teenage bedroom

Set aside a reasonable amount of time for this task as it is not a quick and easy job. Remember that the room you create needs to last for the remainder of their teen years at home. The following list includes suggestions for how much time to allow for each task.

  • Clear the Clutter

    Allow at least one full day for this task. Start by going through everything and sorting your teen’s belongings into three piles:

    1. Throw Away

    Throw away everything which is no longer in useable or sellable condition; make sure to recycle everything you can.

    1. Donate

    Any clothes which no longer fit, old toys and outgrown furniture can all be donated to friends, family and charity shops where someone can make use of them.

    1. Keep

    Determine which clothing, furniture and personal items your teen wants to keep so you can revamp or update as needed.


    Replace, repaint and rearrange the furniture which you intend to keep and purchase new pieces as required. Remove anything which your teen has outgrown and replace with more age-appropriate items such as a larger desk area for studying. You can often refurbish a lot of furniture with a new coat of paint; it will look as good as new and can be painted to match a new colour scheme.

    Even just rearranging furniture can give the room a completely new look, you can even create zones for each activity; such as a study zone or relaxation zone.

    New Colours

    Neutral colours are great for teen rooms as they add a touch of maturity. Beige and light grey work great in teen bedrooms and match with plenty of other colours such as those in bedding or accessories. When it comes to colour, you can also let them be creative and choose their own; it is their room after all, and they will appreciate the freedom.

    Update the Floor

    Replacing old carpets or flooring can really make a room feel like new. Hardwood floors look great in teen rooms if you want to have a complete overhaul. You can then place fun, bright coloured rugs down if you wish.


    Although teens may not have all the toys of a child, they still have plenty of belongings which will require storage. Therefore, providing adequate storage is still essential. A clear out and some rearranging will generally help a lot with ensuring there is enough storage but if you need more, shelving and bookcases which don’t take up much floor space are a great investment.

    A child’s bedroom style grows old over time. Revamping your teenager’s bedroom can prove to be challenging when your child changes from childhood to adolescence. Involve your teen in decisions about furniture, style, and colour as much as possible to create a room they will enjoy throughout their teen years.

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