How to Make Your Own Snow

Posted on 31/01/2022 by Karen Hannah

How to Make Your Own Snow

My youngest son is obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. While he’s not overly keen on the princesses, he adores Olaf the snowman. so when his school sent a letter home to say they were hosting a ‘Frozen Night’ he really had his heart set on going.

Unfortunately for my son, he started with a stinker of a stomach bug the following day and had three days off school. By the time he returned, Frozen Night was fully booked. So because I’m a glutton for punishment an excellent mother, I planned our very own frozen evening at home. The highlight of which was making our own snow! It was far simpler than I had initially feared, and really cheap too!

To make your own snow at home, you will need:

I know a lot of parents who have bough tuffspots to do messy play in but I don’t have one so I bought a large foil tray for roasting a turkey in. It worked a treat and it’s disposable too.

In total, I spent less than £3.00 on the ingredients we needed for making snow.

Snow (2)

Making pretend snow is easy peasy. First, tip the entire box of cornflour over the floor in the tray/bowl/tuffspot and then add body lotion bit by bit until you reach the desired consistency. I’d say we used about half of the bottle we bought but I would’ve added more if the boss had let me. He preferred it somewhat crumbly so that’s what we ended up with.

You then need to mix the two ingredients together and before you know it there will be snow in your kitchen (and your lounge, and on the bottom of everyone’s socks).

We made a rather overweight snowman and decorated him with bits and pieces we found in the craft box. I figured anything would do really! We used googly eyes, bendaroos and a stray piece of wool to decorate our snowman. We finished him off with three hama bead buttons and we were really proud of the finished product! Unfortunately, he ‘melted’ (fell to bits) overnight so this morning he was just a pile of pretend snow, but that’s no problem because it means we can play again!


Written by our regular contributor Karen Hannah.

Twitter: @grumpyishmum

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