Different Types of Children’s Furniture: Classical or Modern?

Posted on 23/07/2021 by Room to Grow
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Kids’ Furniture – Classical or Modern?

When it comes to different types children’s furniture, there is so much choice! It can be a struggle to settle on one theme or design, especially whilst trying to juggle your personal taste and your child’s ideas. Once you have set a budget and considered the specific pieces of furniture you may require; one of the main considerations will be whether to buy traditional looking furniture or something contemporary which may appeal more to the kids. There are advantages with both choices and the final choice really is up to you.

Classical Furniture

Timeless Designs

Chances are that if you’re buying traditional wooden furniture it’s going to cost a bit more than modern alternative.  However, the purchase can be seen as an investment; a classic look will still be suitable in ten or twenty years’ time, unlike nursery style furniture which kids grow out of all too soon.

Built to Last

Classic wood furniture is built to last, especially traditional hardwoods; it’s designed to last and look good for years with minimum maintenance. All they need is a polish now and again and regular dusting. Even in twenty years from now if your wood furniture is looking a bit the worse for wear and battered by life, it’s just a matter of a sand down and refinish to have it looking as good as new.


Contemporary Furniture

Fun Designs

You can get kids’ bedroom furniture in some really dazzling colours and cool designs nowadays and a lot of this stuff won’t break the bank.  Although modern furniture looks as if it might cost a fortune, it’s very often made from MDF with a laminated or lacquered finish in a wide range of colours.

Cost Effective

Not only is MDF lighter and cheaper than furniture grade timber, it’s easier to cut into shapes, meaning that kid’s furniture can come in stunning shapes and styles.

Easy Maintenance

Modern furniture needs no special treatment – just a wipe over with a damp cloth from time to time to keep it looking bright and sparkling.


A contemporary set of nursery furniture is usually durable enough to hand on to another baby in the family when you’re done with it, bringing added value.

Whether you choose classical furniture or contemporary designs for your child’s first room, make sure you buy from a reputable source and that the pieces adhere to relevant safety standards.  If you’re buying online, take into consideration delivery options and whether or not the company offers a Home Assembly Service (unless you’re a DIY enthusiast).

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