Solitaire – Your Space-Saving Solution

Posted on 11/01/2022 by Room to Grow
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Solitaire – Your Space-Saving Solution

As anyone who loves decor knows, Scandi has been the buzzword of the year when it comes to interiors. From chic white minimalism to cosy hygge vibes, we just can’t get enough of this oh-so-cool style.

A room coloured with white and black ZigZag furniture, A teepee is in the corner

Cooler than a hike through a Swedish forest in winter.

But it’s not just all about looking like the set of the latest noir TV drama. Scandinavian style also highly concerned with tiny homes and small space living, meaning that you get an extra helping of practicality with your order of style. Enter: Solitaire, the range that combines Scandinavian cool with space-saving solutions for the ultimate in children’s bedroom furniture.

High There

Solitaire furniture comes in your choice of white satin or whitewash finish and each piece features the clean minimal design familiar to Scandi fans; perfect for blending seamlessly into the existing style of any home.

A bed with a rug with stars on it

It’s also the perfect solution if you’re pushed for space, maximising the use of height to fit several items of furniture into one. Check out this Solitaire Ultimate High Sleeper with Desk and Chest for example. The clever high sleeper design means that you get a whole bedroom’s worth of furniture that fits into the footprint of just one bed.

A high sleeper with a desk and chest


Of course height isn’t the only way to maximise space in small homes. Solitaire also makes use of Scandi ingenuity with nifty slide-out designs and hidden functionality. The Solitaire White Midsleeper with Pull Out Desk and Bookcase is the perfect example, a neat little bed set with plenty of storage and a clever pull out desk for the ultimate in space-saving design. Fun for kids to use and stress-relieving for parents with small-space concerns.

Polka dot furniture and a high sleeper

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Scandi style? If we haven’t convinced you just yet, it might also be worth mentioning that a little elf told us that the entire Solitaire range is now on offer… Scandi-lous! Want that link again? Here it is.

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