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Posted on 19/03/2021 by Room to Grow
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Encouraging reading from a young age and ensuring that it is continued throughout childhood can really help your child get a head start on their education, and then continue to support their learning throughout the years. Learning to read is one of the biggest educational steps a young child will take and can have such a big impact on their educational careers for years to come. Whilst traditional books are still great, nowadays more and more children have iPad’s or similar tablets and computers which they spend a great deal of time on. Whilst for some this may be concerning, there are plenty of ways to use it for good and reading is one of the ways to do this.

There are plenty of reading apps which include stories and educational games which can build reading skills. If children spend so much time on these devices, it is more likely they’d be willing to read on this more than a traditional book. With so many developers releasing more apps as time goes on, it can be difficult to know what’s what; so, we’ve compiled some of our top reading apps for children of all ages.

Remember, that although reading apps are great, they should not replace traditional books especially at bedtime. The blue light emitted by devices such as computers, tablets and phones can negatively impact sleep therefore make sure to end device use at least an hour before bed and switch to more traditional resources.

CBeebies Storytime

Suitable For: Children learning to read

This app is great for children learning to read for the first time as well as those slightly more advanced. The beauty of this app is that it encompasses some of the most favourite and familiar characters and the stories are written in a clear, easy to read font and reads the story aloud; meaning you don’t have to read the story yourself. As your child gets older, they will be more inclined to read aloud themselves.

The recommended age for this app is 4+ however with supervision, younger children could also benefit from this app.


Suitable For: New readers with a desire to read more

This app is ideal if your child is a new but keen reader. This app gives you access to around 25,000 titles including bestsellers. There is a monthly fee for this app, but with such a vast collection it makes a great investment for children who love to read. There are a variety of titles suited to different ages, interests and reading ability; all of which can be inputted on your reading profile and you can add up to 4 children on one app. There are options for children to read themselves or be read to; which ever suits you best.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Suitable For: Younger children first learning to read

This app was developed for children who are learning to read and was even nominated for a BAFTA! It teaches children letter sounds and short sentences, using reading games to expand and test their knowledge. The app also includes short stories for children to read or have read to them by their parents. The app even has the seal of approval from teachers and is used in many classrooms.

Reading Eggs

Suitable For: Reading and learning at all levels

This app is designed specifically for helping children learn to read at all ages. It is designed by experienced teaches and based on scientific research. Using interactive reading games and guided reading lessons as well as fun activities this app has taught many kids learn how to read. Starting with a placement test to understand the current reading level, this app then has a variety of stages from ‘Reading Eggs Junior’ to ‘Reading Eggspress’ which spread over the ages of Two to Thirteen.

With so many educational apps out there, there are plenty of ways to encourage learning wherever possible. As mentioned, just make sure to turn the devices off at least an hour before bedtime and switch back to traditional books to ensure better sleeping habits.

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