Getting Used to a High Bed: How to Make the Transition

Posted on 21/08/2021 by Anne Davies

How to Get Your Youngster Used to a High Bed

Most toddlers make the transition to a high bed sometime between the ages of 18 months and three years. However, there is no specific time your toddler needs to move to their own kids bed; it is different for every child and family. Most parents decide it is time to get their youngster used to a high bed when one of the following occurs:

  1. Their toddler begins to climb out of their cot.
  2. Their toddler grows too tall to sleep comfortably in their cot.
  3. A new baby makes the transition necessary.

Although as parents we want the transition to a high bed to be as easy as possible for our child, sleeping in a new and different bed is not something many children adapt to easily. Getting used to a high bed can take time but you can help your child adjust by taking a few simple steps.

Make the Transition as Easy as Possible

Place the new high bed in the spot where the cot used to sit. If possible, use some of the same bedding, such as the blanket used in their cot. Doing so can soothe your child, as they have something in their new bed with which they are familiar. Letting them sleep with a favourite toy or stuffed animal also helps.

If your toddler is old enough and has the interest, take them to choose the new bed and bedding. Alternatively, many parents throw a “Big Bed” party to celebrate the move to a high bed. You can even invite grandparents, other relatives, and few of your child’s friends.

Make Sure They Feel Safe

Your child is used to having sides on the bed to catch them if they roll around at night. Therefore, they may be fearful of sleeping in a bed without sides. If necessary, install side rails during the transition period. Also, make sure there is a night light to assist your toddler when night time potty visits are necessary.

Maintain Routine

One way to ease the transition from a cot to a high bed is to maintain the regular bedtime routine. It helps a toddler to know that everything except for the bed size will be remaining the same. With patience, love, and some preparation, you can get your youngster used to a high bed without a great deal of difficulty.

If the reason for moving your child to a high bed is to make room for a new baby, make sure you introduce your toddler to the new bed at least four to six weeks before the due date. If you wish, you can wait until six to eight weeks after the baby is born or whenever the infant is ready for the cot.

After a few weeks, if your toddler is still struggling to feel comfortable with his new bed, they may not be ready for the move to the high bed. If you cannot move them back to the cot, it sometimes works to have them sleep on the high bed mattress on the floor as a transitional method.

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