Trains vs. Buses: Children on Public Transport

Posted on 12/01/2022 by Anne Davies

Trains vs. Buses: How to Let Your Tweens Get Around

Your tween reaches a point when their social life requires transportation and you may not always be available to provide it. Public transportation, such as buses and trains, can provide the solution. However, along with their convenience come some challenges. This article will answer some common questions and concerns you may have about sending your children on public transport.

There are many benefits to using trains and buses:

It is important to help your teen become wise about the use of public trains and buses before they use them. Take the time to teach your teen how to decipher bus and/or train schedules and maps. If you live in a town with a local bus route or train, review the schedule together, pointing out the departure and arrival columns, the weekday versus weekend schedules, and any other pertinent information. You can also use the Internet to check schedules. Consider some hypothetical trips. You can also ride with your tween a few times to monitor their behaviour and make sure they are using good judgment and following rules for safety.

Before allowing your child to take a bus or train, make sure you are comfortable with their level of maturity and ability to follow some simple rules and guidelines. If your child is ready to use public transportation to go places with or meet friends, start with short distances during daylight hours.

The goal is to keep your child safe while giving them independence. To do so, follow a few simple guidelines:

Once you are comfortable with their ability to make good decisions while riding buses and trains, share the following tips with them.

General Bus and Train Transportation Tips

Tips for Riding Buses

Tips for Riding Trains

Teenagers especially have places they want to go and things they want to do that require them to use public transportation. Once they know how to use public trains and buses, there is a wide, wonderful world open to them.

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