Children’s Bedroom Décor Buying Guide

Getting creative with the design and décor of your child’s room can be so much fun.

Kids bedroom decor buying guide

Getting creative with the design and décor of your child’s room can be so much fun. Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom and this time increases as they get older.  A child’s room is used for sleeping, playing and studying so we always recommend that a child’s bedroom design should reflect their personality and interests.  It is important that they feel a connection with their space and therefore will want to spend time in it.

Bedroom Décor Should Reflect Personality

As well as the overall décor, there are lots of ways you can make their space fun, cosy, stylish, colourful and functional.  Be it by the choice of furniture or an accessory refresh, there are lots of ways you can adapt your child’s room.

If you want tranquil and calm or bright and happy, think about the colour first and then the furniture and accessories can complement this.

A strong décor choice for toddler rooms is white, natural or soft grey walls.  The décor is lovely and fresh and then colour can then be added through the soft furnishings and accessories. Using neutral colour on the walls also means that the room will have a mature foundation, which can be easily adapted as your child grows.

It’s important to create a space that will spark imagination and creativity in your child.  Have you considered a fabulous theme bed?  There are so many exciting designs out there from cars to boats to tree houses, you can really create a room that’s really special.  Not only will your child want to play in their room, it will also encourage them to sleep in their bed too (with a bit of luck!).

Generally, for a more relaxing atmosphere in your child’s room or if the room is on the small size there are certain colours that are great for making a space feel calm and fresh.  Consider soft tones of grey, blue, pink, green, yellow, lavender and soft cream and white.  These colours are known to be stress reducing colours and inherently associated with light and space.  

If the bedroom is larger or your child simply loves bold colours, you can be more daring and consider a darker and more dramatic colour such as dark blue, red or orange.  You may just choose to do this on a feature wall or just go for it and paint the whole room…this will really show off the rooms features and set the furniture off against the deep wall colour.

You may want to consider wall paper.  Again, a feature wall is very popular and the rest of the room can be painted with a key colour to compliment the wall paper design.

If you’re feeling more creative, then there are some fantastic creative ideas that you may want to consider:

  • Mix prints – don’t be afraid to use clashing designs.  Modern geometrics in different designs and colours can be really effective and you can introduce these patterns through bed linen, rugs, soft lamp shades and blinds.
  • Consider the bedroom lighting – swap a traditional bedside lamp for a funky wall lamp.
  • Reversible duvet covers and quilts are a brilliant way to ensure that their bedroom is feeling fresh.
  • Open wardrobes and shelving is very modern so you could try this rather than a traditional closed wardrobe.
  • Add some greenery – house plants improve indoor air quality and many believe that sleeping in the same room as plants can help you sleep better.  Plants such as lavender are well known for their natural, calming effect and aloe vera will purify the air and will also brighten up a bedside table.
  • Add a statement piece of furniture that will really stand and give the room the wow factor
  • If you can’t decide on your colour scheme then going half and half with complimenting colours is a great way to introduce it – sometimes known as colour blocking it’s a modern way to revamp a bedroom.
  • If room space allows you could separate the room into zones by dividing up the space with room dividers or storage cubes.  For older children a sleep zone, study zone and chill out zone with a sofa is a great idea.  For younger children they can have a sleep and play area.  If room size is on the smaller side then a fabulous loft bed or high sleeper will fit the brief for older children because you can buy combinations with a bed, study and chill out zone combined.
  • Layer, layer, layer – children love to be cosy and comfy and they can’t get enough of snuggle throws, cushions and fluffy rugs.  Drape them over their bed and pop a rug on the floor – they’ll love it!
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As you can see, there are lots of inspiration out there and some fantastic ways to design your child’s bedroom.  We believe it’s all about having fun and letting your inner child release itself!  So, go and have some fun!

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