Anne Davies

Mum of a tweenager and owner of Room to Grow. Anne works with the world’s leading manufacturers to source the best bunk beds, high beds, mid sleepers and low beds in all varieties. She knows as a parent how tricky it can be choosing the right bed that gives the optimum storage, study and sleep space without compromising on style. An expert in helping parents find the right bed for their child and creating a dream bedroom.

A sleeping bag is the perfect solution for overnight stays or simply to use at home. No matter where your child is staying the night, getting a good night’s sleep is so very important….at home, camping, at a friend’s house or on holiday…they will always need to feel secure, happy, cosy and comfortable, to enable them to settle down for the night and get a good rest.

Having Little Guests Over?

A sleeping bag is the perfect solution for overnight stays or simply to use at home.  If your child tends to kick off the covers every night then a sleeping bag could be a good solution to ensure that they stay nice and snug in cooler months.

A great choice is a Snuggle Sac which comes in a host of fun and vibrant designs.  From dogs, princesses, stars, spots and even pirates, there is something to suit all tastes.  Snuggle Sacs are very generous in size so there’s plenty of room for children and teens.  There are even toddler sized sacs too which are perfect for little ones. Just pop a pillow in the specially designed pocket and you have a ready-made bed…wonderfully warm, secure and fleecy!  They even come in a fantastic carry bag too which makes them really easy to transport and keep clean and dry.

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