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Waking up in a morning is never easy and as children get older the more useful an alarm clock will become.  Without an alarm, many of us would over sleep, so an alarm clock is essential for waking up on time. It helps children get into a routine too by making sure they get up for school at a set time each day.

Which Clock Is Right For Your Child?

If your little one is learning to tell the time then a traditional analogue clock with two hands and numbers is the best option. For older children quite often a digital clock is preferred. Also, because the digits light up, a digital alarm clock can also make a great night light too if your child needs a soft glow during the night.

An alarm clock is designed to fit neatly on a bedside and there are lots of colours and designs to choose from.

Whatever you decide, clocks come is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, styles and finishes including metal, wood, silicone and plastic – each selected to look stylish in your child’s bedroom.

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