Anne Davies

Mum of a tweenager and owner of Room to Grow. Anne works with the world’s leading manufacturers to source the best bunk beds, high beds, mid sleepers and low beds in all varieties. She knows as a parent how tricky it can be choosing the right bed that gives the optimum storage, study and sleep space without compromising on style. An expert in helping parents find the right bed for their child and creating a dream bedroom.

From contemporary floor lights, fabulous desk and bedside lamps and wonderful clip on lights, choose from a wonderful selection of children’s lighting that will instantly liven up their bedroom or playroom. Lamps are easy for children to switch on and off, so easy for them to control in the night time should they need to get out of bed and also a safety feature if they need to climb a ladder.

Glow Up Your Child’s Room

It is true that a lamp can add a lovely soft glow to a room which is great for the bedtime routine when settling down for a bedtime story.  It will help calm your child down and get them feeling ready for sleep.

For study a desk lamp is a great addition to your desk, making sure young eyes are not strained. 

There are so many different designs out there to choose from, but our collection of popular bedroom lamps includes a great range of colours and styles to suit your home. From a traditional desk or bedside lamps, a directional, clip on lamp that this great for reading books, or even a funky floor lamp to brighten up the corner of the room, there really is something for everyone. You can choose from a range of brightly coloured designs that will add a fantastic pop of colour to a space.

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