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Posted on 24/04/2021 by Room to Grow
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Versailles Day Bed A

If you have a little princess living in your house with you, then you’re sure to be familiar with t he fact that princesses like to have the very best.  This is true of clothing, toys and even furniture.  Chances are that if your daughter is of the princess variety, then she’s likely to be really popular at school amongst her classmates.  This means that she’s probably issuing invitations on a regular basis to her friends to come and join her at your home.  Whether this is just for a banquet (known to the rest of us as an invitation to tea), for a play date or whether she’s going the whole hog and inviting her friends for a sleepover, you probably end up with extra kids in your home on a fairly routine basis.

If you’re looking for a way of making sure your princess’s guests can spend a comfortable night without having to accommodate them in a sleeping bag on the floor, why not take a look at the Julian Bower Versailles daybed.  This is a great way of adding some style to your little darling’s room in a really grown up way.  During the daytime (and when you don’t have a sleepover on your hands), this kids bed makes a welcome addition as a sofa in your daughter’s room.  It’s a comfortable place to sit and read, write, colour, or just to chill out and watch TV or listen to music.

This daybed is a great way of putting up an extra guest when you’re daughter is at her most sociable.  The sprung slatted based makes for a comfortable night’s sleep away from home.  However, if your little one has insisted on inviting a group of her friends to spend the night, then this daybed will easily sleep two or three extra children as it pulls out into a small double bed if you opt for the trundle style.

The metal frame of this daybed is painted in a stone white finish so it will look smart whatever décor your little princess has chosen for her palace (sorry, I meant room, not palace).  The compact size means that it should fit into a child’s bedroom without taking up too much space.  It’s designed for self-assembly, but don’t let that put you off – there are no special tools required and the daybed comes with complete instructions and all the fittings you need.

Whether you regularly have friends and family to stay or if your little one regularly invites her friends over, having the option of a daybed that can be used as a sofa or for extra sleeping space will make sense.  This is a stylish and versatile way of adding both extra seating space and extra sleeping space to your home.

The elegant style of the Versailles daybed represents a great investment in your child’s social life.  It’s sturdy and durable so it will last for years. The white finish means that it will look great in your daughter’s room for many years as her tastes change and you change the décor.

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