Cabin beds are multi-use pieces of furniture with space underneath the bed’s platform which is used for storage. They can also include a desk, a play area, and even an extra bed. Cabin beds come in  different sizes –  a mid-sleeper and a captain cabin bed.

Cabin Beds

If you are considering a cabin bed for your child, there are a number of reasons your child needs a cabin bed. Cabin beds are space saving, durable, practical, safe, economical, stylish, and fun.


One of the most efficient ways utilizing the available space within your child’s bedroom is a cabin bed. In most homes, the bedroom for your child is smaller than most of the other rooms. Since you have limited space to begin with, it makes sense to utilize that space as efficiently as possible. A cabin bed replaces many of the items necessary for a child’s bedroom, housing all storage and many practical requirements, such as a desk, in one piece of furniture.


Cabin beds are built to withstand a child’s active lifestyle. Cabin beds are designed to last through your child’s toddler years all the way through to adulthood. They are made with wood or metal with designs that are sturdy and able to withstand a young child’s activity and an older child’s increased size.


It is easier for your child to keep their bedroom tidy as there is plenty of space for storage. Also, the beds are designed for ease of access, which also contributes to your child’s ability to keep everything put away.

Some models are designed to convert into an ordinary bed, so that your child can use it during their teen years.


Definitely built specifically for children, a cabin bed has a wide base and is very stable. What child hasn’t jumped on the bed? A cabin bed is very sturdy and hard to tip over. Additionally, some models have side panels or guard rails so that a sleeping child does not fall off the bed. Some models have curved bed posts and rounded corners to further add to safety of your active child.


A cabin bed will prove to be effective in taking advantage of the space available, as it can have the same space as a bed, drawers, a cabinet, a desk, and even another bed all within the space that a single bed would normally occupy. Also, since all these items of furniture can be replaced, a cabin bed ends up actually being an economical purchase. The sturdy quality of most cabin beds means they will last for years and not need replacing, another reason they are economical.


There is a wide variety of cabin bed styles and designs available – wooden or metal beds; retro, rustic, or art deco beds; pirates, pilots, and princess beds – literally hundreds to choose from.

The style you choose can fit with the theme you have chosen for your child’s room, making it decorative and unique. Additionally, the compact arrangement of storage space will give your child’s room a neat and tidy appearance.


Cabin beds are perfect playgrounds for toddlers with plenty of space for playing. Your school-age child will love make-believe games with their cabin bed serving as a space-ship, castle, or ocean-going vessel filled with adventure.

There are so many excellent reasons for your child having a cabin bed. You will find them available on-line and at any furniture store. Take your child with you when you look at cabin beds so they can provide some input as to what features and style most appeals to them. You and your child will both be pleased when you choose a cabin bed for your child’s bedroom.


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