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Posted on 01/03/2022 by Room to Grow
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Jubilee Midsleeper bed from Room to Grow

Cabin beds are multi-use pieces of furniture with space underneath the bed’s platform which is used for storage. They can also include a desk, a play area, and even an extra bed. Cabin beds come in different sizes –  a mid-sleeper and a captain cabin bed.

Ultimately, cabin beds offer a whole host of advantages.  With a raised bed and a vast storage area underneath, there are multiple styles, combinations, formations and smart features available that you can find to suit your space.

Jubilee Midsleeper bed from Room to Grow

If you are considering a cabin bed for your child, there are a number of reasons your child needs a cabin bed. Cabin beds are space-saving, durable, practical, safe, economical, stylish, and fun.

As children grow, space quite often becomes a premium and not all children are able to sleep in a spacious bedroom. But fear not…with so many cabin bed options available, space should no longer impose too much of an issue, and Cabin beds are perfect for rooms of all shapes and sizes as they can combine space for sleep, storage, study and play!

One of the most efficient ways of utilizing the available space within your child’s bedroom is a cabin bed. In most homes, the bedroom for your child is smaller than most of the other rooms. Since you have limited space, to begin with, it makes sense to utilize that space as efficiently as possible. A cabin bed replaces many of the items necessary for a child’s bedroom, housing all storage and many practical requirements, such as a desk, in one piece of furniture.

There are a few areas to think about when planning your children’s room.  It is likely that you and your child will have different priorities and ideas when it comes to selecting furniture and looking at the décor, but try to meet in the middle.  The more they have selected, the more excited and proud they will be of their room and they will want to spend time there.

Space Saving Cabin beds

Jubilee Captain's Bed from Room to Grow

Kids bedroom furniture should be practical but fun along with the need for a quality, robust, durable bed frame that is designed for longevity. Cabins beds are masters in the art of squeezing a lot of functionality into the framework and can give you the option of having a desk, storage, wardrobe, slide, drawers and even a trundle drawer.

As you can see, the options really are endless but most importantly, a cabin bed is as much about storage as it is about sleeping.


There are lots of factors to consider when selecting the right style of bed for your child. Obviously, sleep for children is incredibly vital for their health, growth and development so it is important to consider and invest in a suitable and durable bed frame that will assist with their needs and offer them the comfort and support they need as they grow.

Smaller rooms can also be a challenge when it comes to finding the right furniture, but with a little bit of inspiration, it can be easy to find both a combined bed and storage solution.

Cabin beds are an ingenious solution to this challenge and a great space saver, offering your child both a safe and fun place to sleep. If your child feels safe and happy in their bed, then it’s sure to relax them and help improve their night’s sleep.

Children’s Storage Benefits as well

Planning efficient storage for your children’s rooms is a must! It will require plenty of forward-thinking that includes great storage and multifunctional furniture that will serve a child’s evolving needs as they grow.

We totally understand the need for maximising storage and floor space. Children often have an endless supply of toys which quickly leads to chaos and disorder, so children’s storage is an essential part of any child’s bedroom to help keep clutter at bay.

It is easier for your child to keep their bedroom tidy as there is plenty of space for storage. Also, the beds are designed for ease of access, which also contributes to your child’s ability to keep everything put away.

Some models are designed to convert into an ordinary kids bed so that your child can use it during their teen years.

Cabin beds come with different storage options including storage drawers, cupboards, shelving, wardrobes and a trundle drawer which can be utilised as extra sleeping space when friends come over to stay or an exceptionally large storage drawer.

All of these storage options eliminate the need for extra furniture in their bedroom, meaning you can optimise their space better. Having a fun and different storage solution could also encourage children to tidy up after themselves, helping them to become more independent, by supporting better organisation skills. Because of the height of a Cabin bed, storage is easily accessible and has been designed to allow children to access and tidy away their own belongings.

Create the perfect Study environment with a cabin bed

As your children grow, their room will need to accommodate a place for study, as well as plenty of additional storage space for books and equipment. A study area can also be combined within a Cabin bed frame.  A desk can certainly be a practical and useful addition to any bedroom and is perfect for little ones up to teens.  Children are always busy and have a lot of work to do so a desk can be an excellent addition to any bedroom.

Cabin bed desks offer a spacious desk top and heaps of additional storage whether it be shelving, a cupboard or drawers – perfect for tidying away their art supplies, stationery and homework essentials.

Commonly, a freestanding desk design will take up a large amount of unnecessary space within a room. Because Cabin beds come with the option to include a desk, it gives children their own personal built-in study space. Having a designated space to do their homework means no distractions and ensures everything they need is in one place. Having a cabin bed with a desk can also encourage children to plan and stick to a study schedule, which is particularly good practice for the future.

Some cabin bed designs have a modular freestanding desk so that you can pull it out to use and then simply pop it back under the bed when you’re done.  Alternatively, there is a fabulous pull-out desk design which is simply attached to the underside of the bed on runners which easily pulls in and out in a matter of seconds.

A cabin bed desk really is a clever and organised bedroom solution that makes the most of smaller living spaces and is perfect for a room that needs to be used cleverly as both a study and a bedroom.

Super fun too!

Let’s face it, having a designated space for play in a child’s room can be great as it gives them their own personal space, allowing them freedom and for their imagination to run wild.

Due to the raised design of a cabin bed, children love to imagine that they are sailing the seven seas or that they are safe from shark infested waters!  There is so much fun to be had with a cabin bed and they’ll enjoy making up games and adventures to play.

Play means toys and lots of them, so you should always factor in plenty of storage.  You can also be creative with your furniture selection. Cabin beds allow you to do this as they come in an array of colours and many have the option to incorporate a brilliant play tent underneath.  Your child will honestly have hours of fun in their room as it gives them their own space where they can play or create a den. Having the tent option also means you can hide storage under the bed.

Or, if you have the floor space and you really want to ramp up the fun factor, then how about considering a cabin bed with a slide?  These cabin beds will really score you brownie points and they have been designed so that they can also include a tent and additional under bed storage too.

Children have vast imaginations so with a cabin bed the options are endless and most importantly…fun!

Extremely safe

Stompa Midsleeper from Room to Grow

Definitely built specifically for children, a cabin bed has a wide base and is very stable. What child hasn’t jumped on the bed? A cabin bed is very sturdy and hard to tip over. Additionally, some models have side panels or guard rails so that a sleeping child does not fall off the bed. Some models have curved bedposts and rounded corners to further add to the safety of your active child.

Due to the height of a cabin bed, it is worth noting that they are designed for children aged 6 years and above, however, there are certain styles of cabin beds such as lower cabin beds which are suitable for younger children, and mid and high sleepers which would be appropriate for older children and teens.

However, if you’re looking for either a mid sleeper or high sleeper bed for your child then make sure you take a look at our guide.

As designs vary, you will find that most styles come with three steps up to the bed which tend to be fairly deep, so that they are safe and practical for children over 6, other designs come with a small, low ladder so again, designed to be safe and ensures easy access and up and down.

Cabin beds are a great investment for your child

A cabin bed will prove to be effective in taking advantage of the space available, as it can have the same space as a bed, drawers, a cabinet, a desk, and even another bed all within the space that a single bed would normally occupy. Also, since all these items of furniture can be replaced, a cabin bed ends up actually being an economical purchase. The sturdy quality of most cabin beds means they will last for years and not need replacing, another reason they are economical.

Opting for a cabin bed is a great investment as many of these beds can later be converted into a low single bed when the child has outgrown the concept of sleeping up high.

Many brands offer an ingenious building system that gives you total flexibility as your child grows.  You can begin with a starter bed or single bed and then by using a clever extension kit, you can raise your existing bed frame to a bunk bed or high sleeper bed.

There is a wide variety of cabin bed styles and designs available – wooden or metal beds; retro, rustic, or art deco beds; pirates, pilots, and princess beds – literally hundreds to choose from.

The style you choose can fit with the theme you have chosen for your child’s room, making it decorative and unique. Additionally, the compact arrangement of storage space will give your child’s room a neat and tidy appearance.

It is not difficult to see why cabin beds are highly popular as they offer a wonderfully flexible design, integrating a multitude of great storage and features, as well as the fun factor for kids that love to play.

Take a look at our ultimate guide to children’s beds for more information about finding the perfect bed for your child at Room to Grow.

If you’re looking for the perfect children’s bedroom, make sure you take a look at our great range of kids beds, toddler beds and bunk beds.

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