Children’s Beds And Creating The Perfect Lighting

Posted on 27/01/2022 by Room to Grow

Kids Room Lighting

They say everyone shines given the right lighting, and interiors are no exception. Whether you’re looking for the perfect animal nightlights to illuminate your kids beds, or hunting down children’s fairy lights to decorate a teepee, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we share our top tips for creating the perfect lighting.

A soft glow for children’s beds

Firstly, children love night lights, as they can help to alleviate any anxieties around bedtime. It’s common for children to worry about going to bed. So once you’ve done the monster check, flicking on a soothing night light can help to settle them down. As red and orange light has been proven the most soothing for sleep, our Orange Dinosaur Lamp is a popular choice with parents. You can shop our full range of novelty night lights here.

Desk lamps for study spaces

Secondly, a kids desk lamp offers a practical lighting option for older children. Having a versatile bedroom space is important for children, particularly teenagers. A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a place to relax, work and play, with homework and revision often taking place in the bedroom. Children’s desk lamps offer the perfect spotlight for reading and working, or more creative activities such as drawing or crafting. Positioning a desk lamp next to your children’s beds is also a good idea, should they need to flick it on quickly during the night. Not only are desk lamps great, but our Bendy Bunk Light is perfect for high sleepers and bunk beds!

Creating cosy corners

Thirdly, every kid needs a cosy corner to relax. Our selection of playhouses, wigwams and teepees are perfect for creating mini dens or grown-up reading nooks. Adding children’s fairy lights to a play tent or teepee doorway can add a beautiful glow to a bedroom. Keeping the lights on for bedtime is also a good idea, so the soft glow can be seen from your children’s beds.

Cute character lamps

Finally, friendly faces help to add character to a bedroom. Whether your little one loves dinosaurs, penguins or teddy bears, our sweet character lamps add a bit of fun. Our moon bedside lamp is a popular choice with children and parents. Featuring a cute elephant sleeping on a crescent moon, complete with gold star detailing, the lamp provides a soft warm glow perfect for bedtime.

We hope you found our lighting options blog useful. We would love to see the glowing interiors you create for your children so, don’t forget to tag us in your room pics on Facebook or Instagram @roomtogrowbeds.

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