Childrens Beds & Creating Vision Boards

Posted on 23/12/2021 by Room to Grow

childrens beds and vision boards

Setting goals with your little ones is a great way to help them grow and give them a sense of achievement. We love doing this in creative ways to let children of any age express themselves, while working towards their dreams.

When designing your children’s bedroom, why not have your kids involved in the décor? Firstly, it’s fun, and secondly, you can see their imaginations really come to life! Asking children to choose their wallpaper or bedding is a great place to start.

Goals and resolutions

Having a list of goals to work towards can really motivate your children. Write them up and get creative with crafts and colours to engage your little one! After, you can discover fun ways to strike off the tasks to drive them to achieve their resolutions. We love finding cute and cool magnets to pin to metal boards. Then, every time your child tidies up or sleeps through the night, a magnet can be added. Once they get to 10, they can be awarded a treat for meeting their goals.

Positioning vision boards at the end of childrens beds

Popping the board at the end of your kids beds can give a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Subsequently, they can also reflect on goals they have set themselves before a good night’s sleep. It can also make your little one feel as though they have a say in the room design. 

Photos and mementos

Pin-boards displaying photographs and memories can encourage reflection on previous experiences. Firstly, try featuring achievements to drive your little ones to work hard. Certificates and well-done comments from teachers can be pinned to the board. Secondly, fun moments with friends and family can be pinned too. Featuring photographs from holidays and outings helps children focus on happy times so they look forward to upcoming events. 


A notice board is a great way to display artwork and crafts too. Moreover, little ones love seeing their drawings displayed and hanging them up means they can see their progress. Try hanging boards at the end of their beds for bedtime stories, bringing their drawings and characters to life. During different holiday seasons, you can incorporate festive colours and crafts you have created. Halloween creations or tinsel and fairy lights hanging from bunk beds or door frames add some festive fun. 

Overall, using a vision board is a great way to encourage little ones to visualise their aspirations. Investing in one for the New Year is the perfect prompt for positive change and to set goals for the year ahead. From tidying up toys to making their bed on a morning, your little ones can create their own resolutions. Hopefully, this means no more having to check your kids beds are made on a morning!

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