Children’s Chairs: What You Should Consider Before Purchasing

Posted on 07/07/2021 by Room to Grow
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Children’s Chairs: What You Should Consider Before Purchasing

Child's Chairs

From dinner time to craft time and everything in between, our little ones can spend a lot of time sitting down! Which means that, when it comes to buying children’s chairs, there are a whole host of important factors to take into consideration.

If you’re currently shopping around for a new chair, here are a few things to think about.

Is it safe?

Safety is always every parent’s number one concern and this is no different when choosing a new chair for your child.

The best way to make sure any piece of children’s furniture is safe is to assess whether it’s age appropriate. When shopping for children, especially small ones, It can be tempting to ‘buy ahead’ – to choose something more suited to an older child that your little one can grow into, in order to save having to buy new pieces of furniture every time your child grows. However this isn’t always the best option for safety; while a swivel chair might be the perfect fit for a child in double figures, its height, movement, and removable parts could make it potentially dangerous for a younger child. Take into consideration height, weight, and toppleability (yes, we just made that up) to make sure your new chair minimises risk of injury as much as possible.

Is it comfortable?

Little ones are growing all the time and you want your choice of chair to support them as they grow, not hamper them. If you’re buying a desk chair for homework or study time, think about what will provide the best support for growing bones and aid good posture. This Scandi-style Harley chair, for example, has an ergonomic design and padded seat for maximised comfort and posture support.


Is it manageable?

While we might covet those beautiful oak dining chairs we saw the other day, something so huge and unwieldy isn’t going to be right for our child’s bedroom. It might sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how much even the smallest children’s chairs can weigh if they’re made out of the wrong materials. This Magic Garden table set comes with two lightweight chairs that your little one will be able to easily move around – without hurting themselves.


Can it be easily cleaned?

If safety is a parent’s main concern, cleanliness usually isn’t far behind! We all know children’s seemingly magical ability to make everything sticky so make sure your new chair is made of a material that’s easy to clean!

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