Why Every Kid’s Bedroom Needs a Great Lamp or Nightlight

Posted on 08/06/2021 by Room to Grow
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Why every kids room needs a great lamp or nightlight

Your children’s bedrooms are used for much more than sleeping. Your kid’s room is – depending upon their age – a study hall, office, gaming room, play room, and a place to entertain their friends. Since their room is used for so many different purposes, it follows that lighting is required that meets the needs of their age and activities. Keep your kid’s room safe and functional with great lamps and nightlights.

lightingNo matter what the age of your child, start with good overhead lighting. Make sure whatever fixture you choose provides soft, bright light that is easy on young eyes. Additionally, add a dimmer switch to provide the ability to dim the lighting in the room prior to bedtime to prepare your kid for sleep.

There are three types of lighting:

This type of lighting creates a pleasing overall glow. Choose overhead fixtures, both ceiling-mounted and recessed to provide ambient light.

Task lighting illuminates specific activities such as homework or reading. Sconces and lamps are examples of task lighting.

Accent lighting highlights architectural and design elements.

Every room needs both ambient and task lighting. Although accent lighting is not a necessity, it can serve to highlight hobbies or collections for your tween and teen room.

Lighting Your Infant and Toddler’s Room

Safety is the key issue when considering lighting for your infant or toddler’s room. Night lights help young children feel safe and make it easier for potty-training toddlers to find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Wall sconces work well close to a bed as young children are unable to reach them. If you choose a freestanding lamp, make sure it is lightweight and unbreakable and make sure cords are out of reach.

Lighting for Your School Aged Child

Even though your child is older, having a nightlight in their room is still a good idea as it prevents stumbling over clothing and toys at night. Additionally, now is the time to provide lighting for studying and reading. A desk lamp or track lighting above the study area works well. Make sure there is adequate lighting in the area where they use their computer or play games to prevent damage to their young eyes.

Your older kid might enjoy a novelty lamp. Lamps come in sports themes, as character lamps, and in many different materials, colours, and designs.

Lighting for Your Tween or Teen

When your kid becomes a teenager, they begin to have very definite ideas about what they like and want in their room. Have them join you in shopping for a colour and design they like. Suggest a touch lamp. Especially useful are desk or bedside models that can be turned on and off by simply touching the base or lampshade.

Tips for Choosing Kid’s Room Lamps and Lights

There are many reasons why every kid’s room needs a great lamp or nightlight. Good lighting provides for safety, comfort, and convenience. No matter what your kid’s age, choose lighting that is attractive, functional, and meets their needs for work and play.

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