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So how should you tackle the issue of colour schemes for a Little Princess or your Young Prince’s room? Try Googling your question (other search engines are available) and you will get the usual invitations to spend, spend and spend a bit more. Of course you will need to be spending money; that goes with saying as far as kids are concerned but a few moments thinking about the issue might be worth it.

“Don’t they grow up fast Mrs Smith”  “Oh they certainly do Mrs Brown, one glance away and they’ve upped sticks and left for university without so much as look back over the shoulder”.  Well, it’s true, things do seem to happen at break neck speed with children and that’s where we come back to colours and Richard of York. What answer do you think you’ll get if you ask about colour for the bedroom? You could always prompt and get the colour of the rainbow that you’d prefer but that’s not really fair is it?

The reality is that in the world of a child, today’s favourite colour will be tomorrow’s oh I’ve changed my mind. Let’s face it, they are a little indesicive to say the least so when it comes to designing your child’s bedroom you need a fresh approach. If you accept that your children will change their minds about colour schemes like the wind changes how do you broach the subject?

Firstly throw out the idea about colour schemes and design themes. They cost money, serious money, and more importantly they tie you into a look that you can’t change unless you dump all your fixtures and fittings in one go. Oh, and the other point is, it’s their room not your opportunity to try out your interior design talents as a potential next career move. Seriously, it is their room so let them fill it with whatever colours they want, you just need to make sure you can respond to changing fads with the utmost ease. Stick to easily painted wall colours. Leave your woodwork white, it’s clean and does not need to be changed with every new request for a new room decor and it also goes with every colour you’ll find on Dulux’s colour charts.

Against your white woodwork, with a tin of paint, you can create maximum impact in your Little Ones eyes for minimum spend and practically no effort. Don’t feel the need to theme your soft furnishings, most children just don’t get it. Cut yourself free from that desire to set up your own interior design agency. Concentrate on creating useful spaces for storage, home work and for creative play and you will find your child is more than happy. Then, when tomorrow’s latest idea takes hold and there is a desire to change, all you need is a new pot of paint and the time it needs to emulsion a few walls. So Richard can gain as many battles as he likes because you can handle all the colours under the sun as many times as needed.


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