How to Create a Superhero-Themed Bedroom

Posted on 03/05/2021 by Room to Grow
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How to Create a Superhero-Themed Bedroom

Child wearing a Superhero outfit jumping.

What child wouldn’t secretly love to be a superhero? Prepare to go on a journey of inspiration as we share our ideas of how to turn your child’s bedroom into a superhero sanctuary to bring their imaginary worlds to life. Every super-awesome child deserves the ultimate super-awesome bedroom!

Batman and Superman themed Beds

Whether your child is Superman, Batman or even Spiderman obsessed, you can tailor their room to suit their favourite character. Accessories are a great way to quickly update a room especially when on a budget as well as being easily reversible when their taste changes as they grow. to  A mix of monochrome features and bursts of primary colours work really well to fulfil the superhero theme.  Why not paint your existing bed in a fun bright colour such as yellow as shown above to add a cool twist your child is sure to love!

Add a little magic with wall art, city scape murals really set the scene offering a believable superhero backdrop, especially alongside the bright furniture and complimentary accessories. Most children’s dream!

Alternatively, instead of choosing traditional bright colours tackle this theme with more of a muted Superhero slant. This may be more suited to an older child. Bold monochrome tones with a splash of yellow are the perfect contemporary combo for a Batman focus, it’s all about the correct subtle accessories to bring in the theme. The black and white walls will be sure to suit the child until they reach their teens.

A must-have is the DIY batman inspired lightshade which is surprisingly easy to create. Simply use a plain shade and randomly cover with bat wall stickers, then paint over with black paint and remove stickers once finished leaving perfect shapes behind. Even better when the light shines through, the bat shapes will be projected around the room. Superpower! Definitely a fit for any superhero. Try using prints framed and hung over their desk or bed – a simple but effective trick. This style is parent-friendly too, as once the superhero obsession phase passes the room can easily be given a makeover with tweaks to suit their new interests. No redecorating necessary. Design a room which is both practical or your home and inspired by the character which fascinates your little one.

Dark Black and White Batman themed furniture

This is the Superhero room with ultimate ka-pow factor! A classic blue bedding set such as this with bold red and silver detailing compliments various furniture choices too which is always a bonus. Finish off the look with super cosy blankets for those cold bedtimes .  Consider either red or blue walls to enhance the colour theme along with any matching character accessories such as a rug, bunting or cushions. Mission accomplished. What’s not to love?

Marvel Superhero themed bedroom

If you’re feeling extra creative here is another take on the wall art idea mentioned previously. Choose a feature wall and paint with black chalkboard effect paint and then add some exciting illustrations of your own in coloured chalk. The drawings can be anything you like, the more unusual the better which is a great personalised finishing touch to any kid cave. Your child may enjoy the incentive of having their daily goals or jobs listed in a colourful chart style in chalk as appose to on standard paper.  Then all you need is some action-packed bed linen and the room will be transformed. You are certain to be promoted to your child’s superhero when you reveal this bedroom!

Superhero themed bed

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