Tips on Choosing the Best Bed for Your Little One

Posted on 23/05/2021 by Room to Grow

Tips on Choosing the Best Bed for Your Little One

Whether your little one is making their first move into a big kid’s bed, or you have decided to update their current bed to a brand, spanking new one, picking the right one for your child is serious business. They are not light on the wallet, so you need to make sure that the bed you choose ticks all the boxes, so you don’t find yourself having to go through the same process all over again in just a few short months.


First things first, safety. Before you choose the all-singing, all-dancing bed you need to make sure it is safe. So, ensure that the materials used are good quality. High quality wooded frames are a great option for toddler beds as they are safe, sturdy and long lasting.

If this is your child’s first big bed, then you may want to ensure that safety rails are included, to stop them rolling out of bed.

Sleeping Safety


Arguably the most important element, after safety of course, is the style of the bed. Now, as much as you may want to pick your favourite bed, let your child get involved in the decision, allowing them to choose a bed that they like (within reason, of course!). This will help get them excited about the arrival of their new bed, which is especially helpful if you are moving your little one out of their cot.


What is the function of the bed? Now, this might sound like a silly question – it’s for sleeping, of course – but you may, in fact, need your child’s new bed to serve a number of functions. For example, does your little one often has friends to stay over? If that’s the case, then take a look at children’s trundle beds. These have an under-bed drawer which can be pulled out easily and converted into an extra bed. Or, has your child just moved to secondary school? The extra homework will require a quiet place for them to study, and so a high sleeper might be the perfect choice. The bed frames are built high up, and the area underneath is cleverly designed to fit a desk without taking up extra floor space.

Functional Bed


Lastly, don’t forget the mattress – this is just as important as the bed frame. It should be comfortable, safe and support your child’s growing bones. For more information on choosing the right mattress take a look at our blog.

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