Girls Bedroom Ideas: 6 Bedroom Themes For All Personalities

Posted on 27/01/2022 by Room to Grow
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Girls Bedroom Ideas for all Personalities

A girl’s bedroom is her own private space that should represent her personality. It is important that a child’s bedroom is personal to them and a space that they feel happy, comfortable and secure in. This is easier said than done as putting together a girl’s bedroom that is stylish, practical and comfortable can be a tricky task to undertake. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning the perfect room; there needs to be enough storage to house all your child’s belongings, accessories and something to catch the eye.

Picking A Theme For A Girls Bedroom

When you decorate your infant and toddler room, you have the fun of picking a theme and colours for your little girl. However, as soon as they are older – usually when they are ready to begin school – they begin to express an interest in picking out their own theme décor. You can be ready to make some reasonable suggestions if you consider these three popular themes for your girl’s bedroom, all of which have great furniture and accessory options available:

Princess Bedroom Ideas

The most popular theme for little girls, a princess with her castle fulfils your daughter’s dreams and encourages her imagination. Little girls love Disney princesses – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Little Mermaid – the list goes on and on.

Nordic High Sleeper

For those little princesses who love a bit of glamour and sparkle, you can really go all out with that fully princess themed bedroom. Pinks and purples work as a great base colour for the walls and then you can accessorize from there. Add in some sparkle with sequined cushions and sparkly bedding. If you really want to make the most of this theme opt for either a kids four-poster bed or kids upholstered bed to bring the theme to life.

It is easy to find kids bedding and accessories to decorate your little girl’s room with only one or multiple Disney princesses. When your daughter is older, she will probably outgrow the Disney phase. If she is still enamoured by princesses, choose a castle or carriage bed. Paint the ceiling with a cloud-filled sky or choose a princess wall mural.

Flower Bedroom Ideas

Little girls of every age love flowers and there are multiple choices available. If your daughter wants a flower theme for their room, consider one of the following:

white bed

To begin your flowered theme bedroom, choose a bedding set with flowers and then build the rest of the room – colours and accessories – around the bedding set. Another idea is to paint or purchase a garden mural for the wall – perhaps a giant tree with pink blossoms.

Retro Bedroom Ideas

A retro room is perfect for your tween or teen. First, check out the colours associated with each decade and find those that appeal to your daughter. Once colour is decided upon, choose a decade and design the room with colours, patterns, and furniture reflecting the unique style of that time period.

1950s Bedroom Theme

1960s Bedroom Theme

Grey Star Teepee 3

1970s Bedroom Theme

Boston Bed 004

1980s Bedroom Theme

Retro style is fun, vibrant and exciting. A room in the retro style should please your daughter until she is ready to leave home. Accessories in the colours, materials, and design of your chosen theme will give a truly special appearance to whichever one of our three popular themes for girls’ bedrooms you choose for your toddler, school-aged child, tween, or teen.

Neutral Furniture Bedroom Ideas

We all know how quickly a young girl’s taste can change as she ages from a child to a teenager, so for some parents having a neutral non-themed bedroom might be better so you don’t break having to completely redecorate.

Monochrome Themed Girls Bedroom

A modern monochrome bedroom could be perfect for those girl’s who aren’t interested in the typically ‘girly’ styles and it will age well as they enter their teenage years offering the perfect backdrop for a number of different styles and accessories. You have a few different options when it comes to a monochrome style other than the typical white walls. Black makes for a standout wall that will become the focal point of the entire room. If black is too harsh you can break it up with various wall accessories such as stickers and photo frames or tone it down by doing a charcoal grey rather than black.

white midsleeper

Bright Themed Girls Bedroom

For those with a bright personality, there is nothing more perfect to reflect this than a bright coloured room. Colour preference can be completely personal and combine a variety of different colours. From bright pinks and yellows to oranges and greens the choices are vast. If you don’t want the colour to be too overwhelming, consider a statement wall and keep the rest paler or white in colour.

Scandinavia house bed frame unicorn
Woodland Unicorn & Stars Duvet set

Pastel Themed Girls Bedroom

For those with a calmer personality but still love a bit of colour, why not opt for a more pastel theme. Think ice cream colours such as pale pinks, oranges, blues, mint greens and yellows. You could either go with one colour or a mixture depending on your child’s tastes. Pastels have been a big interior trend for many years now and don’t seem to be going anywhere so you can be sure they will stay for years to come.

Adding In The Finishing Touches

What are the best finishing touches for your daughter’s bedroom? Beds for girls that pass the teenager test aren’t always easy to find. However, creating the perfect finishing touches can be. All you need is a little imagination! Here we take you through how choosing beds for girls needn’t be a headache, as accessories really can make all the difference.

Chalet Baby Bedroom Interior with Cozy Cradle Bed. Light Brown Childish Room with Wooden Cot. Cosy Home Hygge Style Design. Eco House. Retro children's racing car. Rustic. Kindergarten. Scandinavian

The teenage years are all about finding your own identity. Although it can be a tricky time, stamping your mark on your surroundings is all part of growing up. This idea can really influence small things such as bedroom décor. Without a doubt, decorating headboards with festoon lights, or choosing blankets and throws that make rooms feel cosy and familiar can be really helpful for teens navigating young adulthood. This is where beds for teenage girls can really start to feel individual!

Vision boards

With busy young minds going into overdrive, focusing on the bigger picture can be good for teens. Simple pinboards are excellent for visualising dreams and ambitions that can sometimes feel all too far away. Also, using pinboards to create mood boards and collages of friends offer a creative outlet.

When searching for beds for teenage girls, it’s important to remember how you want your child to feel in their bedroom. Above all, a vision board helps to channel their feelings and emotions to create a harmonious and positive space.

Keep it cosy

Who doesn’t love snuggling down after a long day? Beds for teenage girls are really enhanced with the addition of practical and stylish accessories. Firstly, a super-soft throw adds cosy details to a room as well as comfort when the nights draw in.

Secondly, kids rugs are brilliant for zoning areas of a room, providing the perfect foundation for a make-up station or reading nuk. Finally, a snug place to perch is a must for a teenager’s bedroom. Whether it’s a kids beanbag or a cute accent chair, additional seating adds versatility to a room.


As with any room, lighting is key. Beds for teenage girls need appropriate bedside lighting for reading and creating a cosy space. Whether it’s a bendy bunk light or novelty lamp, there are lots of options that can add character to a bedroom.

We hope you find these tips useful! And don’t forget, we love to see our Room to Grow pieces in their new homes, so tag us in your room pics on Facebook or Instagram @roomtogrowbeds.

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