How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

Posted on 26/10/2021 by Room to Grow

How to Choose The Right Bed for Your Tween

We all dream of our little ones bounding excitedly up the stairs and jumping into bed, delighted to finally be able to rest their weary head! Though in reality you can probably count the amount of times this has happened on one hand, nay, one finger! However, if you want to turn this distant dream into more of a reality then a great way to start is in picking the perfect bed for your little monster! But where to begin the search? Take a look at our handy tips on finding the right bed for your tween.

Low Bed


When it comes to style, you may find it easier to be led by your little one, they are notoriously picky after all. There are so many different styles and themes of bed to choose from that it’s difficult to know where to start. Perhaps your tween is a potential princess? If so, a sumptuous upholstered bed might just be the ticket, a true statement piece fit for royalty. Or perhaps your little tyke is a football fanatic? Then take a look at football themed beds, like our brilliant Legend collection. Or, maybe your child is a social butterfly and has weekly sleepovers, then a bunk bed might the perfect choice?


We all know that children come hand in hand with stuff, lots and lots of stuff! Toys, books, clothes, the list is endless. So, another thing to think about when buying your tweens next bed is storage. Whilst you may be assuming (and hoping) that the amount of toys they get will start decreasing, this will only be replaced by other ‘must-have’ items, so suitable storage will be needed well into their teen-hood! Beds that incorporate storage, like cabin beds, are a great space saving option, often giving you the opportunity to include desks, creating a fabulous quiet space for your tween to do their homework.

Low Bed with Storage


Beds can be a huge expense, so try to pick one that will last the test of time, made from quality, durable materials. It may seem bizarre thinking about your tweenager becoming a teenager, but perhaps buying a double bed for your little one now, will save the expense of replacing the bed in a few years time.


 As important as the bed frame is, the mattress is an essential part of bed-picking, so spending time ensuring you buy the right one for your child is important. Take a look at our guide to choosing the right mattress here.

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