The pros and cons of bunk beds

Posted on 05/05/2021 by Room to Grow

Midnight blue bunk bed

Kids’ bedrooms are often tight for space, and need to be highly functional. Bunk beds for children have always been a popular way of optimising the layout of children’s bedrooms, whether they’re sharing with a sibling, or need more floor room for other furniture such as wardrobes, shelves, chest of drawers and desks. Each child is different in their needs and stages of development as they grow, so this is an important factor when considering if a bunk bed is right for them.

Some things to think about when considering a bunk bed include age of the child or children, how many children will be using the bunk bed, and the room size and layout available. Some pros and cons to weigh up are:

Pro – space saving beds

The most obvious positive of a kid’s bunk bed is the space-saving element. By lifting the sleeping space off the floor, this allows for either a sibling’s bed, or room underneath that can incorporate a built-in desk, chair, chest of drawers, wardrobes, or a bunk bed with storage, for toys, blankets, and keepsakes. Where there are more than two children, a triple bunk bed offers space for additional siblings or sleepover guests.

Pro- a private space

Often overlooked when choosing a children’s bunk bed is the element of privacy that bunk beds can offer, especially for siblings with slightly different routines. This allows for your night owl to stay up reading a book on the top bunk, with a handy clip-on light, whilst the other winds down for a comfortable night’s sleep undisturbed.

Pro- customised style

Bunk beds have come a long way from the standard design, and allow for flexibility more than ever before. For somewhere to do homework, bunk beds with desks provide a great space for little ones to do times tables and story writing. If wanted, some bunk beds can be split into two singular beds for a more grown-up feel as your children grow older, giving flexibility as your child’s needs change.

Of course, bunk beds are not for every child, and there are considerations that should be made before making a decision on if they’re right for your family’s needs.

Con- dressing the bed

Changing sheets on the top bunk of a bunk bed can be harder to reach than on the bottom bunk, however this creates an opportunity for kids to help out with laundry by climbing the ladder, giving them a sense of responsibility for their own bed and teaching valuable life skills.

Con- height of the bunk

At Room To Grow, we advise that bunk beds are suitable for children ages 6+ years only, for safety at height. Regulations state that the top rail must be no lower than 16cm from the top of the mattress. For younger children, a place to sleep closer to the ground adds an extra level of safety and security.

Are bunk beds a good choice? Only you as a parent know if a bunk bed is right for your home! To explore the options, browse our range of bunk beds for kids here, or call/live chat our friendly and helpful UK-based customer service team free on 0808 196 3344  and here for expert advice*. (*Lines open Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm).

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