10 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Wall Ideas

Posted on 10/09/2021 by Room to Grow
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10 Awesome Children’s Bedroom Wall Ideas

The world around us is vibrant, exciting, and often wonderfully beautiful. It is a wild place filled with colour, whether you live in the city or the country. Your children are captivated by the simplest things which you may take more for granted – a red London bus flying past, a chestnut horse galloping through an autumn field, a yellow emergency helicopter flying across the blue sky. With this being said, when we come inside, why limit them by having boring white walls? Why not let their bedrooms truly reflect the beauty and diversity of the outside world? Just make sure your kids beds or bunk beds aren’t covering up the amazing bedroom wall art!

Children especially love wacky, funky wallpaper and other bedroom wall ideas, perhaps because it contrasts and seems to rebel so much against the traditional white or cream. It stands out and gives their bedrooms the best view, no matter where they actually are in the world. Children are many things but one thing they are never is boring, and bedroom wall ideas reflects their fun loving, get-up-and-go nature.

Below we have collected some of the prettiest, innovative or just creative wall designs. Which one would your child like the best? Which one would you have liked as a child – or which one do you love now?

1. For a kid, space will always be one of the coolest craziest concepts. “So, let me get this straight, you can actually FLOAT around OUTSIDE the earth?” The vast emptiness and the danger would be enough to scare most adults, but for children that just adds to the sense of adventure. This next room design is like giving them their very own space craft so they can go to infinity and beyond, every time they step into their bedroom.


2. Nothing really compares to a Disney film. The magic, the romance , the moral dilemmas and the happy endings – what more could you want out of a story? For kids, they’d love nothing more than to slip into the narrative and join in with the characters as they fight epic battles, discover their true identities and find true love. That is sadly impossible, but at least with this next room design the occupant can have her own Disney-style castle – what a view to fall asleep next to!



3.Boys will be boys. They can be bold, boisterous and they seem to LOVE breaking the rules. A serene view of a beautiful castle might not satisfy them, but this next design has everything from Disney characters and contrasting colours to some PG violence. It’s like a comic book has just exploded and unleashed its awesomeness all over the walls.

Disney Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Comic Wallpaper Mural


4. Gothem does seem like a nice enough fictional city, but there does seem to be an unnerving amount of crime there. At least with this next design Batman and the batmobile would always be in sight, so there’d be no need to worry!  Does your child dream of being the next Robin? Or do they yearn to take Bruce down in a genius yet villainous scheme, and replace him as the citie’s hero? Either way, this is a brilliant piece of wall art.



5. Ice-cream is a delightful treat, but it’s fairly weather dependant – who really wants it when it’s raining? Too much of it can be bad, either making your children hyper or just making them sick. This piece of wall art side steps all of these traditional ice-cream related problems. This one is inside, so it can be enjoyed even in the snowy days of winter. It also does not have to be consumed (we wouldn’t recommend it), and it can be changed again and again – the possibilities are endless!



6. It’s always great to get your kids outside, and camping trips are the best – they provide a chance to teach them about the natural world and get them out in the open air. As parents, we wish we could get our kids outside more, but sometimes it is just not plausible. This next room design might be lacking the fresh air, but at least your child would be sleeping beneath the trees every single night – with a gleaming hint of magic thrown in there, too.



7. From the moment your baby is born, you want them to get the best experiences out of life. Plonking your baby in the middle of the African plains to sleep with the animals would be fairly ludicrous, but with this wall art they can experience the wildlife of Africa in calm, soothing colours, without the uncomfortable heat of the more scary or threatening animals.



8. This one is for the sport obsessed kids. You know, the ones who can’t wait to get to training – the ones who comes home covered from head to toe in mud and still wants to practice in the garden, or the ones who keep breaking things and blaming it on their siblings, or the cat. With this wall design, they never really have to leave the pitch, and they can get ready for their big game in the presence of their hero’s.



9. Is there that one place that your kids just really want to go? Either you don’t have time or you don’t have the money –  maybe you have been, and your child is just hopelessly obsessed with it. Children usually love to see a different country and experience a different culture, but everyone knows there’s nothing like the comfort of home. This next children’s bedroom wall ideas bring the essence of Paris, without the travel hassle and expenses – J’adore ca!



10.  Every kid wants to stay in a castle, fight dragons, and ride around on a trusty stead. Whether they act the damsel in distress, or the courageous knight who saves the town from peril, this next room design leaves little to the imagination – it’s even complete with a scenic view from the tower window!



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