How Siblings Can Share A Room With Space Saving Beds

Posted on 16/07/2021 by Room to Grow
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There’s a lot to think about when creating inspiring bedrooms for children. Before getting the paint charts out or scrolling Google for the best kids beds, it’s important to think about space. Not everyone is blessed with an idyllic fairy-tale mansion with glorious, spacious rooms. Sometimes siblings need to share a room and parents need to look for space saving beds. But we’re here to tell you that doesn’t mean having to compromise, it can be a choice that’s beneficial to your children.

The benefits of space saving beds

That said, most parents would prefer having separate spaces for their children to sleep. We talk more about that here, but if space just isn’t on your side, your little ones can still have the room of their dreams while gaining a lot from sharing with a sibling. Here’s how…

An unbreakable bond

Is there a more magical sight than watching your children snuggle down for a bedtime story? Investing in space saving beds so siblings can share a room could improve their bond. They’re encouraged to spend time together and to develop a unique emotional closeness. This will go a long way in forging their relationship for the future.

Comfort and reassurance

Are you even a parent if you haven’t shared a bed with your child from time-to-time? Sure, it can be comforting for children to share a room, but it’s not as comforting for us to share our beds! Children sleeping in the same room are more likely to feel reassured knowing a sibling is close by. And less likely to tip-toe into your bed as a result. If you can keep the kids beds specifically designated for the children, the phrase “win, win” comes to mind.

Learning how to share

Children sharing bedrooms are more likely to share other things too. Learning how to compromise and be patient is tricky for kids, and challenging for parents too. Little ones can practise this by sharing a room, and for the price of a space saving bed, they begin to create the perfect sharing skill-set ready for starting school or interacting with friends.

Space saving beds

As more parents consider children sharing a room, they often discover there is a lot of choice when it comes to kids beds. Gone are the days of cramped rooms packed with oddly-shaped furniture. Now there are lots of options for space saving beds to suit specific rooms no matter the shape or size.

If you’re a parent considering a shared bedroom for your children, we hope this sparks some inspiration. We love to see our Room to Grow pieces in their new homes, so tag us in your room pics on Facebook or Instagram @roomtogrowbeds.

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