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Written By Jane Blanchard

Kids’ bedrooms can be some of the most unsightly rooms in your entire house. Sometimes it’s difficult to give your child a room they will not only like and want to take pride in, but also a room that reflects some of your design sensibilities that you’ve implemented throughout the remainder of your home. By focusing on things like color choice and decor, there are very effective ways to make kids’ bedrooms just as stylish as any other room in your home.

A Transitional Space

Transitional Space

Traditional Kids by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Fina Designs

When you’re considering the design elements of a child’s bedroom, there are many things you’ll want to consider. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to think about ways to make the bedroom one that your child or children can grow up in without needing to completely overhaul the design every couple of years. A transitional bedroom will be suitable for younger kids as well as older children and maybe even teens with minimal changes.


Color choice is important when designing a sophisticated bedroom that will grow with your child. Complementary colors are popular in kids’ bedrooms because the contrast is bold, eye-catching, and playful, but there are ways to make complementary colors classy as well. If you want a blue and orange color scheme, for example, pairing a darker shade of blue like navy with a rust-like orange evokes a sense of youth while also being more sophisticated than bright neon colors.

Eclectic Nursery

Eclectic Nursery by Charlotte Interior Designers & Decorators Lucy and Company

On the other hand, you could go with a more neutral base palette such as a soft, pale gray, then use the decor and accessories to add pops of color that you can easily change over the years. This nursery is painted in a subtle gray color with stripes on a single wall, which could be considered a little too mature in a child’s room; however, the colorful geometric rug, blue lamp, and navy chair provide pops of color. With a backdrop such as this, you could easily swap out the furniture and decor of this room for other colors and styles as the child gets older. Without ever opening a can of paint, you could create a completely different sophisticated look in this bedroom every few years.



traditional kids

Traditional Kids by Alexandria General Contractors Harry Braswell Inc.

When you think of patterns in children’s bedrooms, you probably think of vibrant, almost abrasively bright colors, images of butterflies or footballs, and things that you’ll probably need to replace in two years when your child’s tastes change. However, choosing the right pattern for a kid’s bedroom can dress the room up instead of dressing it down.

In this bedroom, repetitive geometric patterns in versatile colors are mixed and matched throughout the room. The use of pattern is playful and appropriate for a child’s bedroom, but the simplicity of each individual pattern in lieu of cartoon imagery adds an air of sophistication to the room. Using multiple patterns in this way also makes it very simple to swap in new patterns and colors over time when you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive yet effective way to update your child’s bedroom.

There are many ways that you can make kids’ bedrooms as sophisticated and versatile as they are fun and playful. In addition to things like strategic color choice and the use of geometric patterns, choosing darker woods, more traditional furniture, and incorporating things like built-ins into a kid’s bedroom are other ways of creating a more refined, elegant look.


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