The History of Beds: How They Have Changed Over the Years

Posted on 22/03/2021 by George Sweeney
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How Beds have changed over years

The average person sleeps 8 hours a day. That’s exactly one third of their life that they spend in their bed.  For children the time spent in bed is even longer and, in many ways, more important. A growing child needs at least 8 hours, if not more, to regenerate after a long day, develop into an intelligent and thoughtful human being and mature as well as possible. It is for this reason that a bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture and it is interesting to discover the history of beds to see how far they have come over the year to be the beds we know today.

The Beginning…

Beds have certainly changed over the years too.  It used to be that a bed was basically a metal frame, a mattress and a headboard and footboard.  It was only as functional as letting the child sleep but, as far as doing anything else, it was greatly lacking any other capabilities.

Today’s beds have come a long way since then. A kid’s bed today can be an incredibly complex piece of bedroom furniture that can add much needed storage space to their room,  give them a place to study and even help them to feel secure and help them to entertain their friends and family when they come over to stay the night.


Beds that you find today are not only functional, but design led and really very impressive. High sleeper beds are not only comfortable but also incredibly flexible as far as storage, studying and space saving are concerned. With drawers, cubicles and shelves galore they look like an entire bedroom all rolled into a nice little package with a comfy bed thrown in for good measure.

For younger children a mid-sleeper bed can be a fort or a fairy tale castle where your child can use their imagination to conjure up all sorts of wild and amazing fantasies.  If they’re older and looking to have sleep-overs or entertain their friends a high sleeper bed with a futon underneath can be a great way to accommodate them. Trundle beds are also great for this too. It can also be the place where they go to do all of their homework and studying after school.

The simple fact is that beds have become more than the sum of their parts over the years and the winner has been our children.  A bed is much more than a place to sleep these days and the beds on offer are nothing like the beds that were being used only scant years ago.  Before you buy a new bed for your child take a long, hard look around to see what the best choice is.  Your child’s development may just depend on it.

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