Single Beds With Storage: The Best Space Saving Beds

Posted on 20/10/2021 by Olivia Lowry
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single white storage bed with drawers

There’s a lot to organise in your little one’s bedroom. From clothes and shoes, to the abundance of never-ending toys and gadgets, it makes keeping on top of tidying a lot simpler when the right storage solutions are in place. No parent wants to spend hours organising and putting things away all the time, which is where single beds with storage come into play.

When your child is ready for a single bed after their toddler years or beyond, it’s a good idea to look into single beds with storage, especially if your little one has a smaller bedroom or box room. As parents, we know how many extra bits and bobs kids can collect over the years as they grow, so it’s important to not only have regular clear outs to donate and recycle items, but also have space to keep bigger clothes, bigger shoes and more toys as they get older (as much as we wish they’d stay little forever!).

Single beds with storage are a great investment to make as they allow your child plenty of growing room, whilst also offering up additional places to tuck away items.

Best Small Beds With Storage

When choosing a single bed with storage, first have a think about the quantity of items you’ll be wanting to store, and the nature of the items. Are they clothes and shoes, which could be categorised into things like tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, for example? For categorisation and bringing out your inner Marie Kondo, the Vermont Storage Bed offers 6 separate drawers for ultimate organisation.

Mum of 7 year old little boy @mommaboxley created an amazing transformation by removing an old high sleeper, and replacing it with the Vermont Storage Bed to really open up her son Oliver’s space and brighten the room. When working with smaller bedrooms with shorter ceiling heights, single beds with storage offer up a smaller footprint and leave more head space for growing kids. This is what Oliver’s mum had to say:

“We tried the mid sleeper thinking he wanted to room to play underneath as its a ‘box’ room, guys.. he never went in his room. Now.. we’ve had this storage bed a little over a week? He’s payed in his room every single day! What a difference! The storage in the draws are amazing! 100% recommend this bed to their little ones, it’s made such a difference to even Oliver’s small room!”

Before and after images of a high sleeper bed replaced with a single storage bed which is neat and tidy
Vermont storage bed
Vermont Storage Bed

Saving Space In Your Child’s Room

Not at the stage where you need 6 separate drawers, or fancy something a bit different? For stand-out pieces that really catch your attention, the Boston Day Bed in either green or white is a great statement bed that’s big on style, and equally big on storage solutions. With a slightly longer continental style frame at 200cm, rather than the 190cm UK standard, it’s a great option for tall teens and fast growing kids alike.

Boston storage bed in green olive colour
Boston Day Bed in green (also available in white)

For the budget-conscious who don’t want to compromise on quality, the NYC Single Bed is a super slick option, available in white or grey for easy customising with wider, easy to reach handles on a full-length under bed drawer. Not only that, it’s eco friendly as well, made with responsibly sourced FSC certified solid wood that’ll last for many years to come.

NYC storage bed in white
NYC Bed in White

Where To Put The Bed In A Small Room

When opting for a single bed for your child, the benefit of this is being able to push one side against a wall. The first step is to measure up the room, and any existing furniture within it. Think about whether your new single bed with storage will be able to replace that additional storage box, or chest of drawers perhaps, and take this into consideration when figuring out the layout of your child’s small room.

Other things to consider, especially when choosing a bed with an under bed drawer is whether there is enough space for the drawers to be pulled out to their full length. This is especially important to make sure your little one’s hands don’t get caught when trying to dig out their favourite toy, or favourite pair of shoes. Consider the size of the drawer and measure up to include this when planning out the layout of a small bedroom or box room.

Space Saving- Round Up

Single beds with storage come in many different varieties and it’s a good idea to take some time to consider what’s right for your child, your space and your budget. Browse all of our single beds with storage here, to discover the right bed for your little one that’ll make the most of their bedroom sanctuary for a calm, organised space where they can sleep and play. If you’re unsure of what to go for, our friendly customer service team are available to talk you through the best options, just give us a call on freephone 0808 1963344, email us at, or reach us on live chat on

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